Twenty-second session



         The Regional Committee,

         Noting that cholera is still an important problem in the Region from the socio-economic point of view, that little progress has been made in its control and that in many countries in the Region sanitary conditions are favourable to its spread and it remains endemic,

  1. INVITES the attention of governments to resolution WHA24.26 of the World Health Assembly which emphasizes that high priority to be given to long-term programmes aimed at the improvement of water supplies, environmental sanitation and personal hygiene, which will prevent cholera from becoming endemic in newly invaded areas and will ultimately lead to its elimination from endemic foci;
  2. URGES governments to give full administrative and financial support to long-term programmes for the improvement of environmental sanitation and the fundamental research work for developing more effective preventive methods;
  3. REMINDS Member States in the Region of the need to notify WHO immediately of the occurrence of any case of cholera;
  4. RECOMMENDS that governments refrain from taking measures going beyond those of the International Health Regulations, particularly with regard to the free movement of persons and goods;
  5. REQUESTS the Regional Director to provide all the possible assistance to governments encountering problems in connexion with the implementation of the above-mentioned activity.

24 September 1971

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