Twenty-second session


Community Water Supply and Sewerage

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered resolution WHA24.55, adopted by the Twenty-fourth World Health Assembly on "Community Water Supply", *

         Being cognizant that in several countries of the Western Pacific Region the provision of community water supply is still below acceptable standards of quality and quantity and that the situation is worse as concerns sewerage and the sanitary disposal of human wastes,

  1. NOTES that the World Health Organization is prepared to furnish increased technical assistance towards the solution of these problems;
  2. RECOMMENDS that:
    (1) health agencies assume a more active role in the promotion of community water supply and sewerage facilities and in the establishment and enforcement of standards of quality;
    (2) extensive consultation take place between the health agency and other agencies concerned, such as the operational agency for water supply and sewerage and planning and financing bodies, on the establishment of realistic development targets for the second United Nations Development Decade;
    (3) appropriate country targets be established in these fields, due consideration being given to the global recommendations on the one hand and the resources in staff, materials and capital available to the individual countries, on the other.

* WHO Handbook of Resolutions and Decisions, Vol I, 1973, p.151-152

22 September 1971

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