Twenty-second session


Occupational Health Programmes

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered resolution WHA24.30, adopted by the Twenty-fourth World Health Assembly on "Occupational Health Programmes", * and

         Having examined the report submitted by the Regional Director on the same subject, **

  1. RECOGNIZES the growing need for adequate health services for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of occupational diseases and injuries;

             Recognizing in particular the responsibility of health administrations for the provision of occupational health services to small-scale industries,

  2. EXPRESSES its satisfaction with the arrangement made by the Regional Director to hold the first series of national seminars on this subject in 1972;
  3. BELIEVES that occupational health services should be designed in the form of country programmes to be phased according to national priorities and to include the development of the necessary educational and training facilities;
  4. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to pursue his effort along the lines already undertaken, due consideration being given to the total health priorities of Member countries;
    (2) to study this subject further, including the possibility of establishing training programmes of regional interest.

* WHO Handbook of Resolutions and Decisions, Vol I, 1973, p.159

** WPR/RC22/4 Add.1

22 September 1971

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