Twenty-second session

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WPR/RC22.R1 Annual Report of the Regional Director
WPR/RC22.R2 Assistance to the Khmer Republic and Laos
WPR/RC22.R3 Occupational Health Programmes
WPR/RC22.R4 Community Water Supply and Sewerage
WPR/RC22.R5 Malaria
WPR/RC22.R6 Disinsection of Aircraft
WPR/RC22.R7 Drug Dependence
WPR/RC22.R8 Resolutions of the Regional Interest Adopted by the Twent-fourth World Health Assembly
WPR/RC22.R9 Health Consequences of Smoking
WPR/RC22.R10 Cholera
WPR/RC22.R11 WHO Fellowship Programme
WPR/RC22.R12 Health Aspects of Family Planning
WPR/RC22.R13 Long-Term Planning in the Field of Health, Inlcuding Long-Term Financial Indicators
WPR/RC22.R14 Training of National Health Personnel: Report of the Inventory of National Health Manpower and Training in the Western Pacific Region
WPR/RC22.R15 Regional Programme on Environmental Pollution Control
WPR/RC22.R16 Comprehensive and Co-ordinated Teacher Training Programme for Health Personnel
WPR/RC22.R17 Costs of Meetings of the Ragional Committee
WPR/RC22.R18 Reports by Governments on the Progress of Current Programmes Receiving WHO Assistance in the Western Pacific Region
WPR/RC22.R19 Long-Term Inter-Country Programme in the Field of Health Laboratory Services
WPR/RC22.R20 Nursing
WPR/RC22.R21 Budget Performance 1970 - Direct Services to Governments
WPR/RC22.R22 Modifications Made to the 1971 and 1972 Programme and Budget Estimates
WPR/RC22.R23 Proposed Programme and Budget Estimates for 1973
WPR/RC22.R24 Tentative Projection for 1974
WPR/RC22.R25 Topic of the Technical Discussions in 1972
WPR/RC22.R26 Twenty-third Session of the Regional Committee
WPR/RC22.R27 Twenty-fourth Session of the Regional Committee
WPR/RC22.R28 Resolution of Appreciation

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