Twenty-first session


Resolution of Appreciation

         The Regional Committee,

  1. EXPRESSES its appreciation and thanks to:
    (1) the Chairman and other officers of the Committee;
    (2) the representatives of the United Nations, the United Nations Development Programme, the South Pacific Commission, and the non-governmental organizations who made statements;
    (3) the Director of the Bureau of Quarantine and his staff for their generous hospitality;
    (4) the Director-General for the honour of his visit and his invaluable advice;
    (5) the Regional Director and the Secretariat for their work in connection with the meeting;
  2. THANKS Dr K. P. Chen for the work he did in connection with the planning of the Technical Discussions which had to be postponed to the twenty-second session of the Regional Committee;
  3. EXPRESSES its appreciation for the way in which the staff overcame the difficulties created by the floods which threatened the work of the Regional Committee and the manner in which the technicians responsible for the equipment managed to maintain this throughout the meeting.

08 September 1970

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