Twenty-first session


Twenty-second Session of the Regional Committee

         The Regional Committee,

  1. NOTES that no invitation has been received for the twenty-second session of the Regional Committee;
  2. AUTHORIZES the Regional Director to accept, on behalf of the Regional Committee, any such invitation which may be extended before January 1971 and to inform all Members accordingly at the earliest possible date;
  3. DECIDES that, if no invitation is received by the date indicated, the twenty-second session of the Regional Committee shall be held at regional headquarters in Manila;
  4. NOTES further that only in the Western Pacific Region is the host Government required to meet the additional cost of holding Regional Committee sessions, outside of the regional headquarters;
  5. REQUESTS the Regional Director to place an item on "Costs of meetings of the Regional Committee" on the agenda of the twenty-second session of the Committee.

08 September 1970

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