Twenty-first session


Comprehensive and Co-ordinated Teacher Training Programme for Health Personnel

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the report submitted by the Regional Director on the comprehensive and co-ordinated teacher training programme for health personnel, *

         Noting that wide-spread and serious shortage of adequately trained teachers in the broad field of health and the need to strengthen the training of such teachers in the art of teaching;

  1. ENDORSES the proposal that an academic institution or institutions should be selected to serve as regional teacher training centre;
  2. CONSIDERS that to make such a selection will require careful consideration, not only of the institutions themselves, but of the categories of teachers to be trained and of education methodology suitable to the varying cultures and needs of the countries of the Region;
  3. AUTHORIZES the Regional Director, if to his satisfaction the factors referred to in Party 2 have been fulfilled, to arrange for negotiations to be undertaken with an institution or institutions in the Region suitable for this purpose and to report to the Committee at its twenty-second session on the outcome of the negotiations;

             If the selection and negotiations with a suitable institution or institutions have been successful,

  4. SUPPORTS the proposal:
    (1) that one workshop should be organized in 1971 to orientate the staff of the centre on the subject of teacher training;
    (2) that provision be made in the List of Additional Projects in 1972 for fellowships to strengthen the teaching staff of the centre on a first priority basis;
    (3) that provision be made in 1973 for fellowships for training at the regional training centre, together with an appropriate provision for consultant months.

* WPR/RC21/9

08 September 1970

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