Twenty-first session


The Role of the Health Administration in the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the report submitted by the Regional Director on the role of the health administration in the prevention and control of environmental pollution, *

  1. ENDORSES the suggestion of the Regional Director:
    (1) that consultants should be recruited in 1971 to make a general survey of environmental conditions in the Region, to define the nature and extent of pollutional problems and the order of priority in which governments should classify them;
    (2) that provision should be made in the 1973 programme and budget estimates for a regional seminar to discuss and publicize the findings of the WHO consultants;
    (3) on the basis of the conclusions of the seminar and of guide- lines at present under preparation in the Regional Office, that a preliminary regional programme in environmental pollution should be developed in 1974 or 1975 with the assistance of a team of consultants;
  2. RECOMMENDS that the general survey of environmental conditions in the Region also identify those problems which may require close co- ordination with other international organizations;
  3. AUTHORIZES the Regional Director to advance the time frame of the above steps to an earlier period than those suggested as circumstances so warrant having in mind the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment scheduled in June 1972 in Stockholm;
  4. REQUESTS the Regional Director to report to the Committee at its t. twenty-second session on the progress made in developing a regional programme in this field.

* WPR/RC21/8

07 September 1970

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