Twenty-first session


Training of National Health Personnel

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered resolution WHA23.35, ** of the Twenty-third World Health Assembly and resolution WPR/RC20.R9 of the twentieth session of the Regional Committee,

  1. NOTES that the Regional-General has been asked:
    (1) to present to the World Health Assembly a report on any concrete measure that the World Health Organization might take to assist further the training of national health personnel at all levels, including the methodology employed in such training;
    (2) to urge Members to formulate a minimum standard of curriculum for training programmes of health personnel taking into consideration the needs of the Region;
  2. NOTES FURTHER the difficulties which Members have encountered in collecting information on the training of national health personnel;
  3. BELIEVES that it is difficult for health departments to collate and record data and to make projections on health manpower unless there is planning machinery to undertake this work routinely;
  4. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to stress to Members the importance and urgent need to develop planning machinery to undertake this work;
    (2) to follow-up with all Members which have not submitted the data requested on their health manpower resources and their education and training programmes;
    (3) to assist Members upon request in this task by providing advisory or consultant services to them.

** WHO Handbook and Resolution and Decisions, Vol. I 1973, p. 49

07 September 1970

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