Twenty-first session



         The Regional Committee,

         Having heard a report from the Director-General on the extensive out-breaks of cholera which is occurring in many countries and his statement that there are insufficient stocks of vaccines and drugs to meet the needs of the countries concerned;

  1. EMPHASIZES the importance of countries meeting their commitments under the International Sanitary Regulations and reporting to the World Health Organization any cases which occur;
  2. NOTES that the $100 000 in the Executive Board Special Fund, which was established to meet emergencies and unforeseen contingencies, is now exhausted;
  3. ENCOURAGES Governments in the Western Pacific Region to contribute vaccines, medical supplies or monies to the Special Account for the Cholera Programme in order to assist the Organization to meet the needs of governments for assistance in the present outbreaks, and
  4. EXPRESSES the hope that all Member of the Organization will respond in an affirmative manner to request received from the Director.

    04 September 1970

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