Twentieth session


Training of National Health Personnel

         The Regional Committee,

         Having noted resolution WHA21.20 adopted by the Twenty-first World Health Assembly requesting the Regional Committee to undertake an analysis of the problems of training professional and auxiliary personnel, * and

         Having considered the report submitted by the Regional Director on the training of national health personnel,

  1. ENDORSES the suggestions made in the report on the type of information which might be collected;
  2. RECOGNIZES the urgency and the importance of the subject;
  3. CONSIDERS there has been insufficient time to collect accurate data;
  4. RECOMMENDS that Member countries should be invited to collect the necessary data which should be analyzed and made a subject of a seminar or, alternatively, referred for consideration to an expert committee;
  5. REQUESTS the Regional Director to transmit to the Director-General the working paper, the summary records and this resolution for the information of the Executive Board.

* WHO Handbook of Resolutions and Decisions, Vol. I, 1973, P.48

29 September 1969

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