Twentieth session


Annual Report of the Regional Director

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the Nineteenth Annual Report of the Regional Director;

         Noting the considerable progress being made in the control of communicable diseases within the Region but at the same time,

         Recognizing the new problems posed by the increasing incidence within the Region of such diseases as cancer and the cardiovascular diseases, road accidents and the increasing prevalence of air and water pollution;

         Noting with satisfaction the work being done by WHO to assist individual countries to evolve health plans which are realistic in terms of the health needs and the available financial resources of the countries concerned, and

         Recognizing with satisfaction the trend towards a more scientific approach in national health planning through health practice research,

  1. COMMENDS the Regional Director on the presentation and content of the Report;
  2. THANKS the regional office and WHO field staff for the part they have played in the programme of work as outlined in the Report;
  3. REQUESTS the Regional Director to find ways and means of stimulating regional co-operation in the field of health practice research and national health planning.

29 September 1969

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