Twentieth session


Long-term Planning in the Field of Health, Biennial Programming and Improvement of the Evaluation Process

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered resolution WHA22.53, adopted by the Twenty-second World Health Assembly on "Long -term Planning in the Field of Health, Biennial Programming, and Improvement of the Evaluation Process"; and

         Having a report from the Representative of the Director-General on how this would affect the preparation of the Fifth General Programme of Work and future programming,

  1. NOTES with satisfaction that future programme and budget estimates will include a projection for an additional year;
  2. NOTES further that Member States will be asked to send to WHO their observations and recommendations on questions of long-term planning in the field of health and the establishment of a new general programme of work of WHO for 1972-1976, or for 1973-1977;
  3. RECOMMENDS that Member States within the Region should take into consideration, when preparing the above recommendations, the following points:
    (1) the establishment of a functional relationship between exesting or future national help plans and the new General Programme of Work of WHO;
    (2) the following major programme activities as suitable breakdowns in the preparation of the new General Programme of Work:
    (a) the preventive and health promotion services, including communicable disease control, environmental health, family planning, and the control of non-communicable diseases;
    (b) strengthening of health services, including national health planning, manpower studies, public administration and the organization of medical care;
    (c) the development of education and training curricula consistent with the details of the health plan and of educational facilities commensurate with manpower requirements.
    (3) the feasibility of bringing out trends in these major programme activities that would help in defining the fields in which WHO assistance would be required;
    (4) the feasibility of aggregating these trends into regional plans;
  4. RECOMMENDS further that, when considering the question of long-term health planning, Member States should also take into consideration the following:
    (1) the integration of national health plans with socio-economic plans;
    (2) the machinery for planning in the health field;
    (3) the definition of the responsibilities of the health sector in areas of multi-responsibility;
    (4) the establishment of priorities and targets, manpower requirements and training, and budgetary and other financial provisions;
    (5) procedures of the continuous evaluation and, if necessary, modification of the plan;
  5. REQUESTS the Regional Director to consult with Member States on their needs for the future and to submit to the next session of the Committee a regional plan, based on the proposals received from governments;
  6. RECOGNIZES the need to retain sufficient flexibility within the plan to enable the Regional Director to make any adjustments found to be necessary.

29 September 1969

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