Nineteenth session


Inter-Country and Inter-Regional Projects Financed from the Technical Assistance Component of the United Nations Development Programme

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered a report by the Regional Director on the decision of the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme regarding the future approval and financing of inter-country and inter-regional projects, *** and

         Considering that these projects are vital to the orderly growth and continued development of the health programmes in the Western Pacific Region,

  1. SUPPORTS the inter-country programmes contained in the Regional Director's programme and budget estimates for 1970, document WPR/RC19/2;
  2. RECOMMENDS to the Director-General that the following projects be financed under the Technical Assistance component of the United Nations Development Programme during the period 1969-1972:

    Maternal and Child Health Advisory Services, South Pacific (WPRO 0083)

    Environmental Health Advisory Services, South Pacific (WPRO 0135)

    Seventh Regional Seminar on Public Health Administration: Hospital

    Administration and Planning (WPRO 0150)

    Control of Pharmaceutical Substances (WPRO 0166)

    First Regional Seminar on the Quality Control of Pharmaceutical Substances (WPRO 0167)

    Third Regional Seminar on Environmental Health: Planning and Financing of

    Municipal Water and Sewerage Works (WPRO 0178)

    Joint FAO/WHO Regional Seminar on Applied Nutrition (WPRO0179);

  3. ENDORSES the following inter-regional activities proposed by the Director-General for financing under the Technical Assistance component of the United Nations Development Programme for the period 1970-1973:

    Training in the Epidemiology and Control of Tuberculosis (Inter-regional 0113)

    Integrated Public Health (Inter-regional 0156)

    Course on Cholera Control (Inter-regional 0228)

    Cholera Control Teams (Inter-regional 0276)

    Community Water Supply -Consultant Service (Inter-regional 0374)

    Travelling Seminar on the Disposal of Solid Waste (Inter-regional 0431)

    Travelling Seminar on Medical Car (Inter-regional 0490)

    Travelling Seminar on the Organization of Mental Health Services (Inter-regional 0493)

    Travelling Seminar on Industrial and Agricultural Health (Inter-regional 0563)

    Course on Epidemiology (Inter-regional 0581);

  4. REQUESTS the Regional Director to transmit this resolution to the Director-General of the World Health Organization.

*** WPR/RC19/2 Add.1

08 October 1968

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