Nineteenth session


Biennial Programming

         The Regional Committee,

         Bearing in mind resolution WHA21.49 * of the Twenty-first World Health Assembly which recommend all regional committees to give particular attention, at their 1968 sessions, to long-term health planning;

         Recalling that during the discussions at the forty-second session of the Executive Board it was suggested that regional committees should consider the desirability of including in future annual programme and budget estimates a proposed programme for the year thereafter;

         Endorsing the concept of a proposed plan of biennial programming drawn up on a base that is as fully costed as possible;

         Having considered the information on this subject submitted by the Regional Director,

  1. BELIEVES that the inclusion in the annual programme and budget estimates of the Director-General of a programme projection for a further year ahead would be advantageous to both Member governments and the Organization in developing longer-term plans for health programmes;
  2. BELIEVES also that budgetary data for the current year, i.e., the year in which the programme and budget proposals are prepared, should be retained so that a four-year cycle will be presented;
  3. RECOMMENDS that the Director-General, in accordance with operative paragraph 4 of resolution WHA21.49, include in his report to the forty-third session of the Executive Board the recommendation and the views expressed in this Committee.

* Off. Rec. Wld Hlth Org., 168, 24

08 October 1968

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