Nineteenth session


Long-term Planning and Evaluation

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the report of the Regional Director on long-range planning and evaluation and the proposals for concentrating more effectively on the long-term planning of WHO's programme on the needs of Member States,

  1. RECOMMENDS that the nest general Programme of Work for a Specific Period for 1972 to 1976 be built up in three successive steps - national, regional and global respectively;
  2. SUPPORTS the proposal of the Regional Director that emphasis should be placed on the major problems of organization and administration; education and training; and on selected programmes such as communicable diseases, organization of medical care, environmental health and health promotion, with particular attention to child health;
  3. NOTES with interest the proposal that Member countries might wish to pursue joint studies of selected subjects that are of particular interest to groups of countries, for example, haemorrhagic fever;
  4. RECOMMENDS that the Health Authorities of Member States in the Region urgently take steps when appropriate to formulate a national health plan and determine their health priorities and goals within the framework of national socio-economic development planning;
  5. RECOMMENDS that the Regional Director continue to develop an evaluation methodology and to provide Member States with evaluation reports of interest to the Region;
  6. REQUESTS the Regional Director to keep the Regional Committee regularly informed of developments related to the long-range planning and evaluation of WHO programmes and to formulate a plan involving health problems which are common in the Region to assist the Director-General in improving and strengthening the system of long-term planning on a global scale.

08 October 1968

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