Nineteenth session


Cost of Regional Committees

         The Regional Committee,

  1. REAFFIRMS the principle of rotation of meeting sites of the Regional Committee approved by the Committee at its third session, *
  2. REAFFIRMS the principle enunciated in its resolution WPR/RC4.R3 (September 1953) that extra expenses over and above those normally incurred when the regional committee meetings are held at regional headquarters must be borne by the host government, **
  3. CONSIDERS that the extra costs borne by the host government should be offset by any savings accruing to the Regional Office allocation for the Regional Committee for the financial year concerned;
  4. REQUESTS the Director-General to bring this resolution to the attention of the World Health Assembly;
  5. REQUESTS the Regional Director to report further on this matter at the twentieth session of the Regional Committee.

* See resolution WPR/RC3.R9, page 172

** See resolution WPR/RC4.R3, page 172

08 October 1968

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