Eighteenth session


Twentieth Anniversary of the World Health Organization

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the report submitted by the Regional Director on the Twentieth Anniversary of the World Health Organization, *

    (1) that representatives of the Governments of Australia and Japan should address the commemorative meeting at the Twenty-first World Health Assembly on behalf of the Regional Committee:
    (2) that part of one day of the nineteenth session of the Regional Committee should be set aside for the observation of the Twentieth Anniversary of the World Health Organization:
  2. ENDORSES the proposal that heads of state might, if they saw fit, send special messages to WHO;
  3. RECOMMENDS that all Member States nominate a person from the directorate of health or from the national information service as liaison officer with the public information unit of the Regional Office, to facilitate the information aspects of the Twentieth Anniversary, World Health Day, and the Organization's work as a whole.

* WP/RC18/5

19 September 1967

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