Eighteenth session


Health and Economic Development

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered resolution WHA20.53 adopted by the Twentieth World Health Assembly on health and economic development,

  1. ENDORSES the importance of developing national health plans as part of economic and social development plans;
  2. NOTES with satisfaction the arrangements made by the Regional Director to organize training courses in national health planning for senior health administrators in the Region;
  3. NOTES that technical services are available through the Regional Office for the preparation and execution of national health plans;
  4. NOTES the concern expressed by the Executive Board and the World Health Assembly at the decreasing amount of funds allocated to health projects under the Technical Assistance component of the United Nations Development Programme;
  5. REITERATES its opinion that health authorities should be represented in bodies established to plan and co-ordinate national programmes of economic and social development.

19 September 1967

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