Eighteenth session


Integrated Planning

         The Regional Committee,


(1) that in all countries and territories of the Western Pacific Region there are many manpower and financial resources that are not related to the usual governmentally supported national and international organizations;
(2) that these workers and their activities play an important part in the health programmes of Member countries;
(3) that as national health planning becomes more and more recognized and practiced as an important administrative function of health departments, private foundations, enterprises, and bilateral volunteer programmes play important roles in the health services of countries;

         RECOMMENDS that Member Governments,

(1) in initiating and developing national health planning programmes, include and involve the early participation and utilization of these additional resources;
(2) involve and utilize the assistance of WHO in such planning and developmental activities;
(3) inform the Regional Director of the action taken so that a report can be submitted to the nineteenth session of the Regional Committee.

14 September 1967

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