Seventeenth session


Proposed Programme and Budget Estimates for 1968

         The Regional Committee,

         Having examined the programme and budget estimates proposed for the financial year 1 January -31 December 1968 and the report of the Sub- Committee on Programme and Budget, *, **

  1. AGREES that the following inter-country programmes proposed for implementation under those United Nations Development Programme/Technical Assistance funds are important and should be continued in 1967 and 1968:
    Maternal and child health advisory services, South Pacific
    Environmental health advisory services, South Pacific
  2. REQUESTS the Regional Director to transmit the programme and budget, proposals to the Director-General for his consideration for inclusion in his proposed programme and budget for 1968;
  3. 3. ADVISES caution as regards the increase of unnecessary expenses.

* WPR/RC17/2

** WPR/RC17/14, Annex 3

27 September 1966

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