Sixteenth session



         The Regional Committee,

         Having reviewed the report presented by the Regional Director on the present position with regard to El Tor cholera in the Region * and the additional information furnished by representatives,

  1. CONSIDERS that there should be a co-ordinated attack on cholera,
  2. RECOMMENDS that the Regional Director:
    (1) should make the necessary arrangements to collect information on the cholera situation in the Region and to keep this information up-to-date;
    (2) should work in close collaboration, through the Director-General, with the Directors of the South-East Asia and Eastern Mediterranean Regional Offices with a view to co-ordinating anti-cholera activities;
    (3) should obtain the assistance of personnel from some of the interested countries so that plans might be developed which would provide a sound base for future budgetary requests connected with activities in this field.

* WPR/RC16/9 Add.1

21 September 1965

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