Sixteenth session


Smallpox Eradication Programme

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the resolution WHA18.38 adopted by the Eighteenth World Health Assembly on the smallpox eradication programme, **


(1) that the Director-General has estimated that smallpox might be eradicated with international assistance; and
(2) that the World Health Assembly has declared the world-wide eradication of smallpox to be one of the major objectives of the Organization;

         Noting further that the World Health Assembly has requested:

(1) Member States to give the programme greater support than in the past and to provide the substantial contributions essential for its execution; and
(2) governments which carry on bilateral programmes of aid to include smallpox eradication in their programmes of assistance;
  1. BELIEVES that smallpox eradication should be one of the long-term objectives of the regional programme so that the funds formerly spent on the prevention and treatment of this disease can be used to solve other important public health problems;
  2. INVITES all Member States within the Region to give the fullest possible support to the world-wide smallpox eradication programme;
  3. SUGGESTS that those Member States are free from smallpox should consider investment in a world-wide effort to eradicate smallpox from those areas where it exists and to prevent its reintroduction;
  4. BELIEVES that the first and the most important step to be taken is for the Director-General to develop a global plan which will contain an effective and systematic analysis of where the difficult areas lie, as well as the areas where eradication has already been achieved.

** WHO Handbook of Resolutions and Decisions, Vol. I, 1973, p. 93-94

21 September 1965

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