Sixteenth session


Health in Relation to Demographic Questions

         The Regional Committee,

         Having reviewed the report presented by the Regional Director on health in relation to demographic questions and having received a verbal statements from the Director-General on the report which he had submitted to the Eighteenth World Health Assembly on programme activities in the health aspects of world population which might be developed by WHO,

  1. ENDORSES the resolution adopted by the World Health Assembly which has provided the opportunity for WHO and its Member States to consider the medical aspects of human reproduction;
  2. EXPRESSES the hope that a clearer definition of the various services which may be provided by WHO will be forthcoming after the next World Health Assembly;
  3. NOTES that no mass programme or campaign of any kind can have any permanent effect unless there is a minimum health structure;
  4. RECOMMENDS that Member States in the Region carry out studies to determine the best way by which information on family planning can reach the groups requiring this knowledge.

21 September 1965

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