Fifteenth session



         The Regional Committee,

         Having reviewed the report presented by the Regional Director and the additional information furnished by representatives,

  1. NOTES:
    (1) that poliomyelitis continues to be an important health problem in several countries with a considerable number of deaths and cases occurring annually;
    (2) that most countries of the Region have no facilities for the manufacture of poliomyelitis vaccine, either Salk or Sabin, and several have limited resources for their purchase;
    (3) that in several countries of the world the safety and effectiveness of the poliomyelitis vaccines available at present have been adequately demonstrated and effective control of the disease has been achieved;
  2. CONSIDERS that with present-day advances in the knowledge of the disease and with the availability of preventive agents and measures, further attention should be focused on the study and control of poliomyelitis in the affected countries; and
    (1) that the Organization should encourage and assist with studies of the problem of poliomyelitis and its control in the affected countries;
    (2) that the Organization should study the question of the supply of vaccines in collaboration with UNICEF.

22 September 1964

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