Fifteenth session


Health in Relation to Demographic Questions

         The Regional Committee,

  1. NOTES the interest of WHO in the reciprocal effects of health programmes and population trends;
  2. NOTES that research in the physiology of human reproduction is being conducted by the World Health Organization;
  3. NOTES further that a number of countries are conducting field population studies and programmes, and that many institutions of training and other health sciences are beginning to provide programmes in this field;
    (1) that more studies are required on human population in a demographic sense, particularly as regards the implications of population changes on the health services;
    (2) that these studies should be conducted in large and small population groups to determine the optimum population-health relationships for given communities;
    (3) that health and ancillary personnel be trained in demography as it relates to health so that they may conduct ecologic studies in the field;
    (4) that information on population programmes should be freely interchanged between countries;
    (5) that liaison be maintained with United Nations investigators carrying out demographic studies;
  5. REQUESTS the Regional Director to encourage population studies in relation to health, including training and the free exchange of information, and to submit a report on these activities to the sixteenth session of the Committee.

22 September 1964

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