Fifteenth session


Proposed Programme and Budget Estimates for 1966

         The Regional Committee,

  1. Having examined the programme and budget estimates proposed for the Western Pacific Region in 1966 * and the report of the Sub-Committee on Programme and Budget, **
    1. TAKES NOTE of the proposed programme for the year 1966 but notes with concern the resulting increase in expenses;
    2. AGREES that as many as possible of the following inter-country group educational activities proposed to be financed under the Expanded Programme of Technical Assistance should be undertaken:
    Seminar on integration of health services
    Training course on environmental health for the South Pacific Conference on the training of auxiliary health personnel
    Conference on the training of auxiliary health personnel
    Maternal and child health advisory services, South Pacific;
  2. REQUESTS the Regional Director to transmit the programme and budget proposals to the Director-General for his consideration.

* WP/RC15/2

** WP/RC15/17 Rev.1, Annex 3

22 September 1964

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