Fifteenth session


Amendments to the Rules of Procedure

         The Regional Committee,

         Considering Article 52 of the Constitution;

         Considering Article 49 of the Constitution;

         Considering Rule 53 of the Rules of Procedure of the Regional Committee;

         Having considered the report of the Sub-Committee ** appointed in accordance with Rule 53 of the Rules of Procedure,

         DECIDES to replace the pre sent Rule 51 of the Rules of Procedure by the following text:

Rule 51

         Not less than six months before the date fixed for the opening of a session of the Committee at which persons are due to be nominated for the post of Director, the Director-General shall inform each member that he will receive proposals for the names of persons for nomination by the Committee for the post of Director.

         Any Member may propose the name of one or more persons for the post of Director, submitting with the proposal particulars of each person's qualifications and experience. Such proposals shall be sent to the Director- General, so as to reach him at the Headquarters of the Organization at Geneva, Switzerland, not less than twelve weeks before the date fixed for the opening of the session.

         The Director-General shall, not less than ten weeks before the date fixed for the opening of the session of the Committee, cause copies of all proposals for nomination for the post of Director (with particulars of qualifications and experience) received by him within the period specified to be sent to each Member.

         If no proposals have been received by the Director-General in time for transmission to Members in accordance with this Rule, Members shall be informed accordingly not less than ten weeks before the opening of the session of the Committee. The Committee shall itself establish a list of candidates composed of the names proposed in secret by the representatives present and entitled to vote.

         If the Director in office is available for reappointment, the Director- General shall inform each Member accordingly at the time when he invites proposals for names of nominees for the post of Director. The name of the Director in office thus available shall automatically be submitted to the Committee and shall not require a proposal from any Member.

         The nomination of persons for the post of Director shall take place at a private meeting of the Committee. The Committee, unless provided otherwise by this Rule, shall elect not less than two and not more than three candidates by secret ballot from amongst the persons proposed in accordance with this Rule.

         Separate voting shall be taken for each of the candidates to be elected.

         For this purpose each representative entitled to vote shall write on his ballot paper the name of a single candidate chosen from amongst the persons proposed. If no candidate obtains the majority required, the candidate who obtains the least number of votes shall be eliminated at each ballot. If the number of candidates is reduced to two, there shall be as many ballots as are necessary in order to secure a majority for either candidate. In the event of a tie between the remaining candidates after three such ballots, the Whole voting procedure established by this paragraph shall be recommenced.

         The same procedure shall be repeated 'for the election, among the persons proposed, of a second and then of a third candidate, unless, after the election of the second candidate the Committee at the request of any representative decides by secret ballot not to proceed 'further.

         The names of the persons so nominated shall be submitted to the Executive Board in the order of preference as indicated by the order of their election.

         If the Director in office is available for reappointment the Committee may decide by secret ballot to submit his name to the Executive Board to the exclusion of any other candidate. *

* Fourth edition distributed 1964

** WP/RC15/17 Rev.1, Annex 4

22 September 1964

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