Fourteenth session



         The Regional Committee,

         Having reviewed the report presented by the Regional Director on the studies of cholera El Tor ** and the additional information furnished by representatives,

  1. NOTES:
    (1) that the existing endemic foci serve as a threat to other countries;
    (2) the problems connected to cholera carriers;
  2. CONSIDERS that further attention should be given to the bio-social factors involved in a planned attack on cholera, and
  3. RECOMMENDS that:
    (1) the problem of adequate vaccination of the personnel of fishing boats and similar ships moving casually from country should be referred to the Regional Director for appropriate action;
    (2) the Organization should encourage and co-ordinate further studies on the problem of carriers;
    (3) the Directors of the WHO Regional Offices for the Western Pacific, South-East Asia and Eastern Mediterranean should consult together and explore ways and means of securing closer integration of anti-cholera work, with the ultimate aim of eradicating the disease from the entire area.

** WPR/RC14/7

09 September 1963

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