Fourteenth session


Annual Report of the Regional Director

         The Regional Committee,

         Having reviewed the Thirteenth Annual Report of the Regional Director covering the period 1 July 1962 to 30 June 1963, *

  1. NOTES with satisfaction the progress made in the period under review;
  2. EMPHASIZES that the field of maternal and child health provides an opportunity for bringing together a number of related professional skills; and

             Bearing in mind the fact that research has clearly indicated the importance of nutrition in the early years of life,

  3. RECOMMENDS that attention should be concentrated on the nutritional aspects of maternal and child health;
  4. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to draw the attention of the Director-General to the importance of reviewing the Organization's recruitment procedures, with particular attention to salaries, allowances and post adjustment, in order that governments may be provided with the most highly qualified experts;
    (2) to study the possibility of appointing a regional adviser on medical care and hospital administration in order that governments may be provided with advisory services enabling them to plan, improve and expand their facilities in these fields;
  5. CONGRATULATES the Regional Director on his comprehensive report.

09 September 1963

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