Thirteenth session


Amendments to the Rules of Procedure of the Regional Committee

         The Regional Committee,

         Considering that it is desirable to revise the Rules of Procedure of the Regional Committee to bring them into line with the recently revised Rules of Procedure of the World Health Assembly,

         ADOPTS the following amendments:

Rule 11

         Revise as follows:

         "In addition to exercising the powers which are conferred upon him elsewhere by these Rules, the Chairman shall declare the opening and closing of each meeting of the Committee, shall direct the discussions, ensure observance of these Rules, accord the right to speak, put questions and announce decisions. He shall rule on points of order, and, subject to these Rules, shall control the proceedings at any meeting and shall maintain order thereat. The Chairman may, in the course of the discussion of any item, propose to the Committee the limitation of the time to be allowed to each speaker or the closure of the list of speakers. "

Rule 25

         Immediately following this rule, insert a new rule as follows:

Rule 25 (bis)

         No representative may address the Committee Without having previously obtained the permission of the Chairman. The Chairman shall call upon speakers in the order in which they signify their de sire to speak. The Chairman may call a speaker to order if his remarks are not relevant to the subject under discussion.

Rule 27

         Delete this rule entirely.

Rule 33

         Immediately following this rule, insert a new rule as follows:

Rule 33 (bis)

         Subject to Rule 33, any motion calling for a decision on the competence of the Committee to adopt a proposal submitted to it shall be put to the vote before a vote is taken on the proposal in question.

Rule 35

         Revise as follows:

         "When an amendment to a proposal is moved, the amendment shall be voted on first. When two or more amendments to a proposal are moved, the Committee shall first vote on the amendment deemed by the Chairman to be furthest removed in substance from the original proposal and then on the amendment next removed there from, and so on, until all the amendments have been put to the vote. Where however, the adoption of one amendment necessarily implies the rejection of another amendment, the latter amendment shall not be put to the vote. If one or more amendments are adopted, the amended proposal shall then be voted upon.

         "A motion is considered an amendment to a proposal, if it merely adds to, deletes from, or revises part of that proposal. A motion which constitutes a substitution for a proposal shall be considered as a proposal."

Rule 44

         Immediately following this rule, insert a new rule as follows:

Rule 44 (bis)

         After the Chairman has announced the beginning of voting, no representative shall interrupt the voting except on a point of order in connexion with the actual conduct of voting.

Rule 46

         Delete the footnote and add a new second paragraph as follows:

         "A decision under this rule by the Committee whether or not to vote by secret ballot may only be taken by a show of, hands; it the Committee has decided to vote on a particular question by secret ballot, no other mode of voting may be requested or decided upon. " *

* Third edition distributed 1962

22 September 1962

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