Twelfth session


Expanded Programme of Technical Assistance (Country Programming Procedures)

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the report presented on the new country programming procedures under the Expanded Programme of Technical Assistance, *

  1. NOTES:
    (1) that specific information is required by the Technical Assistance Board as far as the content of the project proposals is concerned;
    (2) that projects must be planned for the entire duration and that although the Technical Assistance Committee will only give financial authorization for tour years at a time, information on the estimated duration of a project must be submitted at the time of the original request;
  2. EMPHASIZES that one of the most important aspects of country programming under the Technical Assistance Programme is the relationship of health to the economic and social development of developing countries; and
  3. URGES the health authorities concerned to ensure that the contribution which public health can make and does make to economic and social development is made clear to the national planning committees.

* WP/RC12/11

05 September 1961

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