Twelfth session


Malaria Eradication Programme

         The Regional Committee,

  1. Having considered the report of the Regional Director on the progress of the malaria eradication programme in the Western Pacific Region, *
    1. NOTES with satisfaction that five countries in the Region, namely, China (Taiwan), North Borneo, Philippines, Sarawak and the Ryukyu Islands have malaria eradication programmes;
    2. CALLS the attention of all governments operating or planning eradication programmes to the importance of critical evaluation at all stages, the need for a well-organized and well-staffed malaria service and for full and continuing support from the government and people until eradication is achieved;
    3. EMPHASIZES the danger of relaxation when early success appears to make continued expensive support unnecessary; and
    4. EXPRESSES the hope that within the next year, other countries in the Region will be able to start malaria eradication programmes;
  2. Having reviewed the situation as far as contribution to the Malaria Eradication Special Account are concerned,

             CALLS on Member governments to contribute generously to the financing of the world-wide malaria eradication programme.

05 September 1961

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