Eleventh session


Supplementary List of Projects

         The Regional Committee,

         Having, as part of its consideration of the proposed programme and budget estimates for 1962, reviewed the supplementary list of projects * which were requested by governments, including those brought forward during the meeting which could not be accommodated within the regional allocations for 1961 and 1962,

  1. BELIEVES that the projects in the supplementary list should be considered part of the regional programme and should therefore be forwarded to the Director-General for submission to the Executive Board and the World Health Assembly;
  2. REQUESTS the Regional Director to implement as many of the projects in the supplementary list as possible and that in so doing he should take into consideration not only the general priorities recommended by the Regional Committee at its ninth session but also those recommended by the World Health Assembly and that assistance should be given to developing rather than developed countries.

16 August 1960

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