Tenth session


Resolution of Appreciation

         The Regional Committee,

         EXPRESSES its appreciation and thanks to:

(1) His Excellency, the President of the Republic of China, for receiving the representatives and members of the Secretariat;
(2) the Vice-President for having formally opened the tenth session of the Regional Committee;
(3) the Minister of the Interior, the Governor of Taiwan, the Mayor of Taipei, and the many other persons for the hospitality offered;
(4) the staff of the Provincial Tuberculosis Centre and the Health Centre for the arrangements made in connexion with the field visits to Wulai and Panchiai;
(5) the staff if Shihmen Development Commission, the Veterans General Hospital, the Yangminshan Administration, and the Taiwan Handicraft Promotion Centre, for having received the participants;
(6) the National Preparatory Committee for the excellent arrangements made in connexion with the meeting, in particular the Executive Secretary, Miss Elizabeth A.C Hsu, who did so much to ensure that everything would run smoothly;
(7) the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Rapporteurs and the Chairman of the Technical Discussions;
(8) the representatives of the inter-governmental organizations who made statements;
(9) the Regional Director and the Secretariat for their work in connexion with the organization of the session.

22 September 1959

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