Tenth session


Smallpox Eradication

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the resolution of the Twelfth World Health Assembly * and the report of the Regional Director on smallpox eradication, **


(1) that although request for assistance have been received from some countries in the Region, eradication campaigns have not yet been started in all the countries where endemic foci exist;
(2) that smallpox-free countries have also a part to play in a global smallpox programme;
  1. EMPHASIZES the urgency of achieving world-wide eradication;
  2. RECOMMENDS to the health administrations of those countries where the disease is still present that they make provision for the availability of a potent stable vaccine and that they organize and conduct eradication programme as soon as possible;
  3. CALLS attention to the concern of health administrations in smallpox-free countries and urges all Member countries to give attention to:
    (1) the need for strict observance of quarantine regulations including issuing valid certificates of vaccination;
    (2) maintenance of the highest possible level of immunity in the population;
    (3) the avoidance of serious outbreaks following the introduction of an imported case by such methods of mass vaccination as may be applicable, taking into account the development of the health services of the country;
  4. REQUESTS the Regional Director to consider arranging for an inter-regional seminar on quarantine control of smallpox. *

* This seminar was held in Madras (India) and Colombo (Ceylon), 16 February - 2 March 1952

* See resolution WHA12.54 (WHO Handbook of Resolutions and Decisions, Vol. I, 1973, p. 91-92)

** WP/RC10/12 Add.1

22 September 1959

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