Tenth session


Environmental Sanitation

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the resolution of the Twelfth World Health Assembly on the provision of safe and adequate water supplies for communities * and the report of the Regional Director, **

         Recognizing that the provision of community water supplies depends upon the closely co-ordinated efforts of public health authorities and public works departments.

  1. 1. ENDORSES the recommendations of the Twelfth World Health Assembly and the principles set forth in the report of the Regional Director;
    2. REQUESTS the Regional Director to give as much assistance as possible to Member States undertaking projects to provide adequate and safe supplies of water to the inhabitants of their communities;
  2. 1. RECOMMENDS to the health authorities of Member States:
    (1) that they stimulate the initial installation and orderly growth of public water supplies;
    (2) that they take the necessary steps to ensure representation by the health authorities on the national and local policy-making bodies on such subjects as water resources, water usage and water supply development;
    (3) that they prepare a long-term programme for the organization of national projects in the development of community water supplies, including small water supply projects for rural areas; and
    2. EXPRESSES interest in the proposed regional conference on community water supply and suggests that public health workers and public works administrators should be among the participants.

* See resolution WHA12.48 (WHO Handbook of Resolutions and Decisions, Vol I, 1973, pp.148-149)

** WP/RC10/8

22 September 1959

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