Tenth session


Malaria Eradication

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the report of the Regional Director on the malaria eradication programme in Western Pacific Region, **

  1. NOTES with concern:
    (1) that the main vector in the Philippines Anopheles minimus flavirostris has become resistant to dieldrin;
    (2) that more rigorous assessment in several countries in the Region has revealed that malaria transmission is actually recurring in several areas from which it was thought to be cleared;
    (3) that there has been a disappointing response to the Director-General's appeal for Malaria Eradication Special Account funds and that the success of the malaria programme must mainly depend on national contributions;
  2. URGES Member governments undertaking malaria eradication campaigns:
    (1) to assure that personnel, money and material are made available to support the programme;
    (2) that the progress of the campaigns is rigorously assessed to ensure that speedy action is taken to counter unexpected factors which may arise and obstruct the campaign;
  3. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to keep governments informed of any further cases of resistance arising in the Region;
    (2) to circulate to governments at the earliest possible date information on the experience gained with trials of medicated salt;
    (3) to make budgetary provision at the earliest possible date for a malaria training course for students from French-speaking countries;
    (4) a collect and circulate to governments in the Region information on the economic benefits of a malaria eradication programme;
  4. DRAWS the attention of governments to the fact that the theme of the next World Health Day is "World Malaria Eradication Effort " and that this provides an opportunity for seeking contributions to the Malaria Eradication Special Account; and
  5. INVITES governments to make every effort possible to contribute to the Malaria Eradication Special Account.

** WPR/RC10/7 and Add.1

22 September 1959

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