Ninth session


Technical Discussions

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the report of the Technical Discussion Group and the conclusions contained therein, **

  1. EMPHASIZES the importance of continuing the organization of malaria training courses in view of the great need for adequately trained staff in the greatly expanded malaria eradication projects in the Region, and stresses the need for some courses to be conducted in the French language;
  2. RECOGNIZES that at all stages of the malaria eradication programme health education plays an essential part in gaining the co-operation of the whole population and particularly members of the health service and leaders of local opinion, without which the campaign cannot succeed;
  3. CONSIDERS that spraying operations with residual insecticides are the mainstay of malaria eradication programmes and that in certain circumstances the use of antimalarial drugs can add greatly to their effectiveness and also hasten the stoppage of transmission;
    (1) that in countries where malaria is a serious public health problem, the malaria eradication service should initially be a primary division of the national public health service, and should only be integrated into the general public health service gradually during the surveillance period. It was recognized that in certain cases where the local health services are particularly well developed, the malaria service can be integrated initially into the public health service at the periphery;
    (2) that in planning and organizing malaria eradication programmes, governments should ensure that adequate support for the programme did not stop short of the achievement of eradication;
  5. DECIDES that the subject of the Technical Discussions for the Tenth Regional Committee Meeting be "The Control of Tuberculosis"; Further,
  6. WISHES to place on record its appreciation of the assistance given to malaria eradication in the Region from the Malaria Eradication Special Account; and
  7. ENDORSES the recommendation of the Eleventh World Health Assembly reiterating the importance of malaria eradication and expressing the hope that adequate resources will be made available to the Organization to implement the programme as planned for the period 1959-1962.

** WP/RC9/15 Rev.1, Annex 4

01 October 1958

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