Ninth session


Review of Salaries, Allowances and Benefits

         The Regional Committee,

         Having noted resolution EB2l.R53 of the twenty-first session of the Executive Board, *

         Considering the need for internal consistency in the Organization in the matter of salaries;

         Noting that there had been difficulties in the Western Pacific Region in the recruitment of specialized staff, in particular, experts in "the field of environmental sanitation and university professors,

  1. BELIEVES that the following general principles are important to a system of salaries and allowances:
    (1) The importance to a global health organization of a uniform system of salaries and allowances for all staff in all locations;
    (2) The need for both an adequate and an uriform system of salaries and allowances if professional staffs are expected to rotate between various assignments and locations;
    (3) The importance, to a decentralized and widely-dispersed staff, of a system of salaries and allowances which is as simple of administration and understanding as is reasonably consonant with the requirements of equity to the individual staff member and his particular needs;
  2. POINTS out that, as regards the relationship between the system of salaries, allowances and benefits and the ability of an international health organization to attract and retain qualified staff, the Regional Committee is unable to make any pronouncement in this regard; and
  3. REFERS this back to the Executive Board for its further study and determination;
  4. REQUESTS the Regional Director to transmit these views to the Director-General for inclusion in his report to the Executive Board.

* WHO Handbook of Resolution and Decisions, Vol. I, 1973, p. 442

01 October 1958

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