Ninth session


Annual Report of the Regional Director

         The Regional Committee,

  1. Having reviewed the Annual Report of the Regional Director on the work of WHO in the Western Pacific during the period 1 July 1957 to 30 June 1958,
    1. NOTES with satisfaction the progress made in health activities in the region and the fact that interest in comprehensive rather than specialized programme is growing;
    2. EXPRESSES satisfaction with the education and training programmes;
    3. REITERATES the importance of governments developing long-term health planning and the need for adequate planning for integration of specialized activities being discussed with governments before a project is undertaken;
  2. Considering the important role that the area representatives can play in assisting governments to assess their most urgent needs in the field of health;
    4. REQUESTS the Regional Director to provide sufficient funds to enable the area representatives to visit the countries and territories to which they are assigned;
  3. 5. REITERATES the importance of association in a project of more than one international organization;
    6. REQUESTS the Regional Director to distribute as soon as possible to governments in the Region reports on attendance of WHO staff at seminars, conferences, etc., organized by other agencies, particular attention being paid to the health aspects;
    7. CONGRATULATES the Regional Director and his staff on the preparation of a comprehensive and detailed report;
    8. ADOPTS the report.

01 October 1958

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