Ninth session


Supplementary List of Projects

         The Regional Committee,

         Having, as part of its consideration of the proposed programme and budget estimates for 1960, reviewed the supplementary list of projects ** which were requested by governments but would not be accommodated within the tentative regional allocations for 1959 and 1960,

  1. NOTES the additional request for a nursing fellowship received from the Government of the Netherlands;
  2. AGREES that this should be added to the supplementary list; and
  3. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to forward this list, along with the proposed programme and budget, to the Director-General for submission to the Executive Board and World Health Assembly:
    (2) to implement as many of the projects in the supplementary list as possible, in accordance with priorities already approved.

** WPR/RC9/4 Add.1

30 September 1958

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