Ninth session


1960 Regular Programme and Budget

         The Regional Committee,

         Having examined the regular programme and budget estimates proposed for the Western Pacific Region in 1960 * and the report of the Sub- Committee on Programme and Budget, **

  1. CONSIDERS that the programme is well conceived and that a satisfactory balance has been maintained among subject headings;
  2. NOTES with satisfaction the programmes proposed for implementation under the Malaria Eradication Special Account;
  3. REQUESTS the Regional Director to transmit the proposals to the Director-General for his consideration for inclusion in his proposed programme for 1960, the implementation of which is subject to 'the necessary funds being voted by the World Health Assembly;
  4. AUTHORIZES the Regional Director to establish priorities, if necessary, and that in so doing he should take into consideration without regard to their order of numeration the following:
    (a) the value of a project to more than one country or to the Region as a whole, and on an inter-regional basis;
    (b) the place of the project in the long-term health plans of the government and the government's other intentions as regards the particular problem;
    (c) the association in a project of more than one inter- national organization;
    (d) comprehensive assistance in strengthening national health administrations, both at the central and local level;
    (e) assistance to education and training programmes;
    (f) assistance in campaign against leprosy, malaria, nutritional diseases, smallpox, tuberculosis, venereal diseases and yaws;
    (g) promotion and development of rural health services and maternal mid child health programme;
    (h) promotion and development of work in the field of environmental sanitation;
    (i) promotion and development of work in the field of vital and health statistics.

* WP/RC9/4, Parts I and II

** WP/RC9/13 Rev.1

30 September 1958

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