Eighth session


1959 Regular Programme and Budget

         The Regional Committee,

         Having reviewed the regular programme for the western Pacific Region as presented by the Regional Director, *

         Recognizing that the Regional Director has developed the programme for 1959 in consultation with the governments concerned and in conformity with their requests,

  1. CONSIDERS that the programme proposed for the Western Pacific Region for 1959 is well conceived and the cost estimates carefully established;
  2. DIRECTS the Regional Director to follow priorities already approved, should the World Health Assembly revise the proposed effective working budget;
  3. EMPHASIZES the importance of sufficient funds being available to permit area representatives to visit countries for which they are responsible;
  4. ASKS that the attention of the Director-General be drawn to the need for increased allocation to the younger regions to bring them more into line with the older-established regions; and
  5. REQUESTS the Regional Director to transmit the proposals to the Director-General for his, consideration and inclusion in his proposed programme and budget estimates for 1959.

* WP/RC8/4, Parts I and II

09 September 1957

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