Eighth session


Annual Report of the Regional Director

         The Regional Committee,

         Having reviewed the annual report of the Regional Director on the work of WHO in the Western Pacific during the period 1 July 1956 to 30 June 1957,

  1. NOTES with satisfaction the progress made in health activities in the Region and the fact that the appointment of area representatives has resulted in closer co-operation with Member Countries in the Region;
  2. EXPRESSES the hope that in the future development of the regional programme increasing attention will be paid to work in the field of medical uses of radio-active substances;
  3. EMPHASIZES the importance of proper evaluation of past experience and suggest that it would serve a useful purpose if the programme evaluation reports prepared by the Regional Statistician and Programme Evaluator were distributed to Member Countries, provided this had been cleared by the government concerned;
  4. REQUESTS the Regional Director to include in his Annual Report reference to Headquarters-sponsored activities which may have taken place in the Region during the period under review;
  5. CONGRATULATES the Regional Director and his staff on the preparation of a comprehensive and detailed report;
  6. ADOPTS the report.

06 September 1957

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