Seventh session


Resolution of Appreciation

         The Regional Committee,

  1. Appreciating the many favours and courtesies received and facilities given,
    1. THANKS the President of the University of the Philippines and the Dean of the Institute of Hygiene for kindly placing the excellent premises and facilities of the Institute of Hygiene at the disposal of the Committee;
    2. THANKS all those individuals who have kindly extended hospitality to the representatives;
  2. Having regard to the smooth and efficient functioning of the present session,
    3. EXPRESSES its appreciation to:
    (1) the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Rapporteurs for their important contributions to the success of the session;
    (2) the Chairman of the Technical Discussions, role players, discussion leaders and to the special contributors for their efforts to make these discussions so stimulating and effective;
    (3) the Regional Director and Members of the Secretariat for the efficient organization of the session.

13 September 1956

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