Seventh session


Reports on the World Health Situation

         The Regional Committee,

         Endorsing resolution WHA9.27 of the Ninth World Health Assembly,

         Recognizing the need for preparing a report on the world health situation covering, as far as possible, the period from 1954 to the end of 1956,

         Noting with approval the basis for the preparation of such reports as suggested by the Director-General in his report to the Health Assembly,

  1. URGES all Member Countries and Territories in the Western Pacific Region to prepare as a step towards the fulfillment of their obligation under Article 61 of the Constitution, the required reports covering the period indicated for submission to the Director-General;
  2. RECOMMENDS that, as a basis for the preparation of these reports by Member Countries and Territories they make use of the list of headings contained in Annex B of Document WP/RC7/15, with whatever adjustment they deem necessary to fit local conditions, and
  3. REQUESTS the Regional Director to give all necessary assistance which Member Countries and Territories may solicit in the preparation of these reports.

12 September 1956

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