Seventh session


Resistance of Insects to Insecticides

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the report on resistance of insects to insecticide, *

         Realizing that the development of resistance of insects to insecticides represents a public health problem of the greatest importance;

         Believing that research work in this field has to be co-ordinated at an international level;

         Noting that a programme of co-ordination and stimulation of research is being undertaken on this problem and that steps are being taken to provide Member States with advice on measures to be taken to control vectors which have developed resistance to insecticides,

  1. RECOMMENDS that an inter-regional symposium be held in 1958 to which workers performing research on insect resistance and allied fields would be invited with a view to exchanging views and promoting co-ordination of the work; and
  2. REQUESTS the Regional Director to collect and disseminate information on research on insect resistance.

10 September 1956

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