Seventh session


Inter-Regional Malaria Training Course

         The Regional Committee,

         Having been informed of the plan to establish an inter-regional malaria training course based in Indonesia, to be financed in Technical Assistance funds in 1958, *

         Considering the importance of the intensification of antimalaria campaigns to the economic development of those under-developed countries in which malaria is a problem,

  1. EXPRESSES the desire of the countries in the Region which have a malaria problem to participate in the course;
  2. REQUESTS the Regional Director to ask the Director-General to convey to the Technical Assistance Board and the Technical Assistance Committee the request of the governments in the Western Pacific Region that this training course be approved as a project in the 1958 Technical Assistance programme and that funds to finance the course be provided from the Technical Assistance Special Account.

* WPR/RC7/7 Add.1

12 September 1956

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