Seventh session


1957 and 1958 Technical Assistance Programme and Cost Estimates

         The Regional Committee,

         Having received the activities planned to be carried out in 1957 and 1958 under the Expanded Programme of Technical Assistance;

         Considering that the country programming procedure established for the Technical Assistance Programme reduces the effective review which the Regional Committee can make of the country projects proposed for financing from Technical Assistance funds;

         Noting that the amount of Technical Assistance funds available from year to year for health work is not only dependent on the place in their total programmes which governments give to health, but also may fluctuate from year to year as a result of the voluntary nature of the financial support for the programme,

  1. NOTES the projects requested by governments in the Western Pacific Regional Office for health work in 1957;
  2. APPROVES the regional (inter-country) projects proposed to be financed by the Technical Assistance funds, and request that these projects be approved by the Technical Assistance Board and Technical Assistance Committee;
  3. NOTES the training course in health education requested by the South Pacific Commission as a joint WHO/SPC project, and add its request to that of the Commission that the project be approved by the Technical Assistance Board and Technical Assistance Committee and financed from Technical Assistance funds in 1957, considering the urgency of the project for the people of the territories concerned;
  4. RECOGNIZES that the projects and amounts shown for 1958 are for the purpose of original planning only, and that there is no assurance as to the amount of funds which may become available for health work in the Western Pacific Region in 1958;
  5. URGES governments in the Region, in the development of their annual country programmes, to give the emphasis to health projects necessary to support their economic development, and particularly to assure that continuing projects are safeguarded.

12 September 1956

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